I'm a seeker and, since you're here, I'm guessing you just might be too. Stretching, breaking, healing, striving, learning. Growing. Just like startups, life is all about growth. And just like startups, if we're not growing we're dying.

I live in San Francisco where everyone is young, beautiful, brilliant and "starting something." Yet somehow, among so much good fortune and success, so many people feel lost, anxious, less than, and downright unhappy. Maybe it's the human condition. Or maybe we can rewire our minds and find a happier way to be.

I used to run the mental treadmill at a flatout 10. All. The. Time. It was utterly exhausting.

Work harder. Sound smarter. Eat less. Workout more. You feel too much. Don't you dare even consider crying right now. Stop oversharing. Not good enough. More. Better. Faster.  

The inner monologue from hell. I wasn't even conscious of it, nor of how it was standing between me and happiness. And, I know I'm not the only one.

Things changed for me when I began to meditate - to sit in silence, quiet the rough seas of my mind, and offer myself rest. Initially, it was uncomfortable, sometimes excruciatingly so, and so I only did it once in awhile. But with the help of Norm, my beloved meditation teacher, I found myself doing it once a week, then twice a week and... now, every day. I practice, I persist, I breathe, I meditate.

The hallowed quiet - once so hard to sit with, now the thing I choose over, and over, and over again.

Every day I sit. And every day I spend time figuring out how to grow businesses. I come from a family of entrepreneurs. My first memories from our family dinner table were of us talking about my parents' businesses. It was thrilling.

After graduating from Princeton, I rode horses professionally and grew our family's equestrian business, producing multiple national champions and millions in revenue. I then earned an MBA from Kellogg and started my own company, LolaBee's Harvest, an online farmers market that I bootstrapped and sold to Good Eggs. Now I work with startups to help them find and operate their growth levers. A friend and I also may be experimenting with a few new ideas. Let's see if one sticks. TBD. 

So come on this journey with me into mindfulness and growth of all sorts - the kind you can measure and the kind you can't.


I write for you. I write for you because I know firsthand the stress you live with on a daily basis as a entrepreneur. I write for you so you know you're not the only one. Most importantly, I write for you to share what I've learned about breaking free of stress and learning to live a happier life, all while pursuing your most outrageous dreams. 

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